About Us

Introducing the Barnsleys

Jacqui (age 38)

Jacqui was born and bred in Perth's northern coastal suburbs and now lives in the beautiful town of Margaret River in the south west of WA. With a Diploma in Welfare and a BA in Social Science and Writing she has a keen interest in the 'what and whys' of people and has worked in community development, community journalism, counselling, youth work, and events coordination. She currently spends her time parenting the boys (all three of them), coordinating the building of the new Barnsley solar passive home, working part time for Carers Australia and maintaining her self-built website familyroadtripaustralia.com.au

Kelly (age 38)
Kelly hails from that other country, the one with the long white cloud. He grew up in Christchurch NZ and arrived in Perth in 2001 with a dream to make pies for Mrs Macs (yes seriously). A baker by trade with a love of cycling and golf, Kel met Jacqui at the pub and she decided to take him on her trip around Australia. After their 20 month tour of Australia and New Zealand they returned home to WA without a cent so Kelly became a gold digger and still flys in and out of Perth to his mining job as a shotfirer on the WA goldfields.

Brayden (age 15)

Brayden is a cheeky brat and a talented comedian with a lovely nature. He has an online gaming habit and a love of dogs, skateboarding, chocolate, music, playing soccer, and xbox. He's an awesome big brother who helps his mum look after his little brother while dad is away.


Lewin (age 4)

An exceptionally cute toddler who is currently mastering climbing whatever he can get one leg up on and colouring the house in crayon. Lewin loves to snack on dog biscuits, make music, surf, ride his scooter and make motorbike noises.

Jacqui, Kelly and Brayden travelled around Australia and New Zealand for nearly 2 years from 2004 to 2006, towing a vintage 70s caravan with an old dual cab ute. It was THE best decision they have ever made and they want to encourage other families to get out there too.

The next plan is a family road trip around Tasmania and Brisbane to Cape York when Lewin is a bit older (and they can afford a much better rig).