Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Water? Stay Clean and Fresh with H2NO Towels

The H2No Towels introduced in the ExplorOz Shop this year make it even easer for you to keep clean on the road, with no need for water and no sticky residue as found in other wipes on the market. And they're extra large so you only need to use one for a whole body clean! Each H2No Towel is packaged singly for convenience but sold in packs of 25 for $20. This product proved to be so popular as it is so effective and reasonably priced. New Summer pricing has just been been introduced, see the buying options on the product page here - due to demand there is an eta on this product of 1-2 weeks.

H2No Towels are the perfect shower replacement for when you're on the go or have limited access to water. Measuring 300mm x 600mm they are big enough that you'll be able to freshen up quickly, and only need to use one towel for your waterless shower. H2No towels are manufactured to comply with ISO 9001, SGS, MSDS and FDA standards, and are made from 'Spunlace' a thick and robust material to prevent tearing during use. Each towel is also individually packaged, so that you can carry one in your handbag or back-pack for use when needed.

H2NO is great for…

* When you are traveling
* Bush-walking or hiking
* Camping or road trips
* All sorts of sports activities
* At the beach or after a swim
* Cleaning up messy kids
* Festivals or events


Purified Water, Deloncide, Glycerine, Kathon, Perfume

To buy visit the Exploroz shop

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